How it all started.....

Twenty two years ago I came to see a cottage sitting in three acres of steep and barren land on a Welsh hillside. At first I decided it wasn’t for me, no fences, no outbuildings, no plants, and a tiny cottage, cheaply renovated from derelict.

Then I thought more and more about the freedom and privacy it could give, room for my ever expanding family of dogs, and a chance to save many more. Tyr Capel Sanctuary was born, and within one week I had thirty five dogs and numerous other small animals.

To say I hit the ground running was an understatement, but my deep love of animals somehow kept me going over the years of ups and downs that were to follow. Within the first year I was to divorce, and had to bite the bullet and keep going alone. I couldn’t let the animals down. It was a good decision.

Tyr Capel has seen literally thousands of animals come through its’ gates since then. During the first years I would re-home where possible, but it was the part I hated most, saying goodbye to those that had taken hold of my heart. What made it worthwhile were the photos and letters I would receive, saying thank you for a much loved pet who had given years of affection.

                                                                                    To fund the cost of running the Sanctuary, I collect people’s unwanted items and sell them. For years I stood out in all weathers at car boot sales.... and then I discovered ebay. It is far nicer to be able to work from home, and sell items on an online auction!

These days I take in the old dogs, those who are overlooked by most people who prefer a younger pet. My geriatrics deserve a chance too, and here they get the love and care they need, in total freedom. No cages or kennels, they are all house trained (except for the odd accident!) and sleep where they want. They come in from many sources. Elderly people die, and families may not want to take on an aged dog. Families split up, and the family dog finds no one wants to take it on as an oldie. The Dogs Trust regularly give out my number to people who are trying to re-home an older dog.

                                                                                    If money was unlimited, it wouldn’t worry me how many dogs I had, but as they live out their lives here, I am sadly restricted as to how many I can take on. My vets bills are constantly huge.I am indebted to those who are able to set up a monthly standing order, no matter how small the amount may be. It can mean the difference between saying yes to newcomers, or having to find alternative places for them.

I hope to keep this sanctuary open for many more years to come, so that many more elderly dogs can enjoy a peaceful, happy retirement.

Without the help of people who give items to sell, those who buy those items on ebay, those who sponsor a dog, (Please see details about this on our sponsorship pages), those who donate dog food, the people who help with a standing order, and of course the dear friends who come here to walk the dogs all year round, it would be impossible for me to do this work. I can never thank them enough.