Lexi is the youngest dog here at 3 years old. A young woman was given Lexi as a birthday present by her boyfriend. They split up and the girl had to work full time. Lexi was heard crying each day by neighbours who alerted me to the problem. I approached the owner and said the dog could come each day to be with the dogs here, instead of being caged.Lexi adored her new found freedom, and at first went home each night, coming back the following day. I assured the owner that Lexi could stay if she wanted, and that’s what eventually happened. Lexi is now a permanent resident here. She is a total thief, and will steal anything that takes her fancy, including any dinner left unguarded. At present she is on a diet...... watch this space.             _______________________________________


I came home one night to find a six month old dog wagging her tail furiously at me from inside my gate. She had been thrown over while I was out.After such a welcome I hadn’t the heart to re-home her, and so she stayed. I called her Lola, and she is indeed a “showgirl”. She is a lovely dog, and very well behaved most of the time. Last year she had two operations on her cruciate ligaments, which knocked a huge hole in the Sanctuary’s finances, over £3000. She has meds for pain relief when she has “overdone” the exercise.Lola is now about 7 years old.



Lucy is a Westie cross, aged about 8 years, whom I took from a rescue kennels. She had no hair due to severe skin disorders, and it has taken a while to get her coat growing healthily. An elderly friend decided she would like Lucy for company, but due to her own ill health recently, Lucy has been here more often than not.It’s impossible to watch anything on the television that has an animal in it, as Lucy will leap at the set barking furiously. She is VERY LOUD!! She has a lovely nature, but has to be pushed out if it’s raining to spend a penny.