Oscar is a delightful, naughty, crafty, greedy, noisy, determined and very clever little Bichon. He was much loved, but when his male owner passed away Oscar would not settle for the lady of the house. She found it impossible to leave him, he would make so much noise and scratch at the doors constantly. He also had severe allergies which flared up constantly. Oscar came here to live and settled wonderfully well with the other dogs. There was so much going on each day he found he didn’t need to fret. Over the years his allergies have subsided a great deal with a special diet, though he does get the odd flare up. He has a cataract and is blind in one eye. That doesn’t stop him having “an eye to the main chance”, he doesn’t miss a trick.
His lovely previous owner knits the beautiful dolls clothes which are sold on my e bay site to raise funds. Oscar loves a bath, but hates having a haircut.  


Sheba is a beautiful German Shepherd, now 11 years old. I received a phone call one night to say that she had been left in a house for days since the owners did a “flit”. She had been frantic, and was in a filthy state. When I got her out she came out like a cork out of a bottle, and was deliriously happy to be freed.For two whole years Sheba suffered from separation anxiety. If I went out anywhere, she would gather the things I had touched and take them to her bed. Gradually she realised that I would always come back, and she became less anxious. She has a fabulous nature, though still tends to stick to me like glue around the sanctuary. When we are out in the fields she doesn’t go far from me.


Zak came to the sanctuary about 18 months ago. His owners called and said they were moving abroad,and couldn’t find anyone who wanted to take on such a large,old dog.Meeting Zak was a bit like meeting a small pony, but he had such a sweet nature, and he was soon in the car and on the way home to join the others here.Zak has weak hind legs, and finds it difficult to get up on his feet in the mornings, so he will bark to wake me, and I go and give him a hand to get moving. He also gets a treat......and some mornings I discover he has already been out,but he thought it would be a good idea to get me up before six am anyway for his treat. Zak is on daily medication to help his arthritis.