Dudley is a dear old King Charles Spaniel whose previous owner found she could no longer care for him.He has had lifelong ear problems, and is almost deaf, though he does manage to hear the lid coming off the treat tin at fifty paces! Dudley has a wonderful nature, and loves his walks in the fields, setting off at a gallop and doing his own thing. When he sleeps he snores.


Buddy came here to live recently. I received a call from the vet to say they had an old dog stretchered in, having been found in a garden totally exhausted with wounds to his back end that were maggot infested. He is blind in one eye, has a cataract in the other, and had a thick “fleece” of matted fur. He also has a growth of some sort in his testicle. I said I would have him here, and once he had received treatment and was clipped of his fleece, he soon felt better.Now, after a few weeks, he has learned the ropes and loves his new life. He chews all his bedding, and each morning he looks like he is sitting in a soft nest. His character is wonderful, and each day he makes me laugh. When he goes back to the vet he performs to the crowd, enjoying all the fuss they make of him there. He is a fabulous old dog, who is greatly loved now!



Jed was found sitting on the bed where his beloved owner had died two days previously. I knew Jed as he lived a short distance away, and I often saw him out with his owner. No one could take Jed on, so he came that day to live here. I had to get him neutered, as he soon tried to dominate a few of the oldies here, but within no time he was settled and happy here. Being one of the younger dogs, about 7 years old, he is very active, and loves his trips to the fields with our dog walking friends.He adores water, and always comes home wet. ______________________________________                    


Teasel is an elderly collie cross who came here when her owners split up and couldn’t keep her. She has lived here for some years now, and is about 14 years old. She is not as active as she used to be, and has arthritis in three legs for which she has daily meds.She has a beautiful nature, but sometimes decides to guard the water bowl, and anyone seeing the snarling would think she was quite vicious! It’s far more bark than bite.